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What our guests say about
La Tierra...

"You are going to be stepping into nature, taking a beat and getting away from the hustle of big city life. Leave the mental stress of planning behind and allow yourself time to unwind, contemplate and star-gaze. Breathe and chill."
"Had an amazing time at the retreat with my husband. The owners/host are super hospitable and the service staff have been really friendly and helpful. The environment is tranquil and the houses/homes are clean! The food prepared for us is delicious. I enjoyed myself a lot. Highly recommended!"
"We had such an amazing time at La Tierra! Beautiful fields of green, comfy rooms and lodging! Owners are the easiest most organized people ever!"

Conan Balaoing

Marketing Manager, Thailand

Pree Domadaran
Coach, Voices for Hire, Lead Coach for Own-the-Room

Grace Seah
Assistant Manager, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. Singapore

"Pim & Milan hosted me and my friends there for a weekend retreat and it was an absolute pleasure. Everything was extremely thoughtfully organized and better than my expectations. All our needs catered for, including vegan food options for me which I know is not easy to find in Thailand! It was refreshing, energizing and I would definitely go back. Can't think of a better pair to be trusted in the hands of when traveling to a new country!"

Radhika Agarwal 

Facilitator, Google, Singapore

"La Tierra is a truly unique experience, one that will stay with you long after you've unpacked your bags back wherever home is. The team has expertly curated a retreat stay that will leave you wondering how soon you can book the next one. From thoughtful and challenging leadership and personal development exercises; to team-building activities that may or may not include elephants, whitewater rafting, and a host of other surprises; to the best that Chiang Mai has to offer in food, culture, and people; La Tierra creates a bespoke experience tailored to your group. We left La Tierra feeling refreshed, energised, and with a better understanding of our strengths and goals for the year - a must-have for any organisational leader. I cannot recommend La Tierra enough, and cannot wait to come back for more growth."
"What an incredible stay! My husband and I came here and the memories and connections we made will stay with us forever. The food was incredible and fresh, with a great mix of vegetarian and locally made Thai dishes. We even got to make some food ourselves with a Thai barbecue, shabu and raclette one evening. We were stuffed at every meal as we couldn't help ourselves. Luckily there was morning yoga and trails to work off all the great food. The rooms were lovely and full of personal touches, including lighting a candle with a personalised scent we'd picked earlier in the evening. The activities planned made us feel like a local with Pim helping us navigate the local language and culture with ease."

Andrew Sroufe

Group Account Director, HerdMSL Australia

Kristin Sutter

Head of Strategy & Insights, AUNZ Sales, Google

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