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Sarah Lang

Leadership Instructor, Executive Coach

Inner Leadership, Outer Brilliance. 

Sarah is on a mission to help everyone she meets uncover their unique expression of leadership. A passionate facilitator, Sarah is committed to creating a space where each participant has the opportunity to grow, learn and shine. Sarah is driven by deep curiosity, a spirit of adventure and knack for connecting with others.

Prior to launching her full-time coaching practice, she supported Canada’s top charities by managing national and international programs and multi-million dollar fundraisers.

When Sarah isn't coaching she's enjoying life with her husband, Adam, their two awesome kids, Josephine and Oliver, and rambunctious chocolate lab pup, Lucky. 

  • University of Toronto Instructor, Leadership Presence, Public Speaking & Communication

  • Leadership Coach (PCC, CPCC)

  • Mental Fitness Trainer (PQ)

  • M.A. in International Studies 

  • English 

Sarah Lang
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